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SSI Diving Courses for Adults

We are an international team of experienced diving instructors sensitive to the needs and desires of our customers. At the courses we use excellent diving teaching materials which facilitate clients learning about this wonderful sport. At the divig courses we use high-quality and reliable equipment. We offer a wide range of diving courses, from beginners to courses for diving professionals. For our customers we provide continuing diving education. We advice clients and help them in the selection and purchase of equipment. Our courses are friendly to customers. SSI courses are know for quality and flexibility. For their money students get really high quality diving courses. Our customers are also our buddies at the end of the diving course. We organize a wide range of diving activities and anyone will truly enjoy. Safety and comfort of divers is always at the first place.


Whether you’ve never been underwater or have a slew of diving hours under your belt, you’ve come to the right place. Try it — you’ll love it. Diving is easy, fun and exciting! Discover a new world! Enjoy the freedom of gliding through the blue! Experience new adventures and explore undiscovered worlds. Make new friends! Scuba Diving is much easier than you might think! Be ready to enjoy a new challenge and dive into a new world! Scuba diving is a wonderful sport that offers everything from heart-pumping action to quiet relaxation.


Scuba and snorkeling are unique activities in that they are exciting not only for children: diving school is a thrilling challenge for parents, too. Adults and children alike stay interested in learning important diving skills through fun courses. Then the whole family – children, adults and best agers – is able to hop into some of the world’s most gratifying waters, together. The unifying quality of scuba is often overlooked, but diving vacations can be some of the most enjoyable and bonding times that a family can have.


A natural stress-reliever, scuba and snorkeling allow you to be physically active while in a soothing setting. Many high-stress execs have sought comfort in diving vacations and underwater worlds. Diving also becomes a way that relaxation can coexist with family time. And for children who love video games and TV, the fascination with life on the ocean floor is perhaps one of the few things left that can inspire them to be active and engaged in the natural world.


HE NEW DIVESSI APP – “ENTER THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION”! The NEW DiveSSI App is the “All-in-One-Tool” for your diving adventures. The DiveSSI App and all of the current features you love are still FREE – certifications, checklists, hand signals and a lot more. The only difference is you will now have the option to buy and have access to Training Materials and a Digital DiveLog right on the App. With the NEW DiveSSI App, the technology is responsive in design and scales to fit any device on all platforms – computer, tablet or mobile device, IOS or Android. The NEW DiveSSI App is REALDIVING, making learning comprehensive and interactive with first rate videos, illustrations, animations, graphics and photos.

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SSI has also effectively mastered the uses of technology to strengthen the learning experience, anytime and anywhere – online or off. An example of this technology is the review section. Instead of the questions being static multiple choice, they are now randomly pulled from a database of questions to ensure learning is taking place. The Training Material even has a bookmark feature and a place for making personalized notes. The NEW Digital Divelog is very cool. You can instantly GPS track your location, add a picture of the dive site and your buddy and have your buddy digitally sign your dive right in the App, and you never need a connection. The NEW DiveSSI App means everything you need, whenever and wherever, in more than 30 languages – its #REALDIVING. See a video on how to use our great new App here:

SSI Diving Courses for Children


Scuba Rangers – Kids Can Dive Too!  8 – 12 years ?

Scuba diving is an exciting sport. You’ll feel like an astronaut who weightless floats in space. Divers are researchers, archeologists, treasure hunters and scientists. Every day they discover wonderful things in oceans, rivers and lakes, the last unexplored pieces of our planet. When diving you can see a variety of marine organisms and even thousands of different fish.

If diving is what you want to do, check the SSI Scuba Ranger program. It has been prepared specifically for you- children aged 8 to 12 years. When you’re 10, you can already enroll in Junior diving course and become a certified SSI diver. At the diving course you will be in a safe and secure aquatic environment. You’ll be using the right diving equipment, learn all about diving and underwater world, play underwater games and do many fun things. As a Scuba Ranger you’ll amaze yourself and your parents!

SAFETY  is a top priority. Scuba Rangers programs can only be taught by specially trained instructors in a pool (or under confined water conditions in a protected area) up to a maximum depth of 4 meters (12 feet). In depths greater than 1.50 meters (5 feet) there is a one-to-two instructor-to-student ratio.

SCUBA RANGERS INSTRUCTORS: SSI Instructors are only allowed to teach if they are affiliated with an SSI Facility. This concept – unique in the industry – allows direct monitoring of all active SSI Dive Professionals to ensure the highest quality education. The Scuba Ranger Instructors who teach children diving school courses have not only been deemed excellent divers by our strict SSI standards, they have also had special training in how to teach diving to children specifically. During the Scuba Rangers sessions and club activities, safety always comes first; the instructor-student ratio is always respected, and sufficient medical resources are always close at hand.

SSI’s Scuba Rangers program is the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonders of diving in a safe, fun, encouraging way.


Junior Open Water Diver

Are you already 10 – 14 years old? Then it is time to step up and become a certified diver. Turn your SCUBA RANGERS achievements into a real diving career! Becoming an SSI Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure! We make sure you are truly comfortable with the skills and equipment you will use. Getting started is easy! Sign up for an Open Water course or get your feet wet with the SSI Scuba Diver program. SSI Training is designed so you can learn the academics at your own pace when it is convenient for you. We will support you by colored manuals, DVDs and free Online Training offers to make sure you have enough training options. For your pool and open water training your instructor will fit you to your scuba equipment so you will become comfortable in your “second skin.” You will get enough practice time to adapt yourself to the underwater environment before you start with your open water training dives.

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Once you have completed your initial training you will be a certified SSI Diver. SSI certification is recognized world wide so your diving experiences will be limitless.

Start Your Adventure Today!

For more information regarding your Open Water Diver Training options contact our SSI Dive Center or visit and checkout our FREE Online Training. Click here to find our SSI Dive Center and get started on your scuba diving certification today! Here are a listing of courses available to Junior Divers:

  • Junior Scuba Diver
  • Junior Open Water Diver
  • Junior Advanced Adventurer
  • Junior Specialty Diver
  • Junior Advanced Open Water Diver

Once you become a certified Junior Open Water Diver you can dive almost anywhere! Just remember you will be required to dive with a certified parent, guardian or active Dive Professional.