OWD – Open Water Diver

The OPEN WATER DIVER Course represents the basic and the most important category of diving training. A successful completion of the course is a prerequisite for the practice of diving. After completing the course and obtaining an internationally recognized diving certificate  a SSI Open Water Diver can dive with other divers to a depth of 18 m.

At the course you will learn how to use scuba equipment, designed for autonomous diving with air. You will learn the processes of self-help, the support to a partner and how to achieve neutral buoyancy.

The aim of the course is to train a reliable and secure diver.

An Open Water Diver course includes classroom, confident and open water sessions. You will practice SCUBA under the Comfort Through Repetition teaching method.


The Course Program:

The course is divided into three parts: lecture, practical work in confined waters and the final part in the open water (sea).

Theoretical lessons:
  • Your Diving equipment
  • Using your diving equipment
  • Your body and the underwater world
  • Planning and executing your dive
  • Your Underwater world
  • Your Scuba diving experiences and beyond
Practical exercises in confined waters:

Practical exercises in confined waters are carried out in a pool or shallow sea (from a dive boat or from the shore).

 The final part of the course in open water (sea):

The dives in the final part of the course are conducted from a dive boat or from the shore.

The price of the course includes:
  • digital learning materials
  • lectures
  • exercises and dives in confined and open water
  • digital certification card
  • renting of diving equipment


Open Water Diver Course: