Dive Guide


This program is using practical application and background information. The goal is to create well-prepared, versatile and marketable Dive Professionals. SSI Dive Guides can lead and guide certified divers. Additionally, after passing the Snorkeling Instructor program, a Dive Guide can teach and issue Snorkeling certifications.


  • Starting Age is 18.
  • Must have completed the Advanced Adventurer program (or higher) or hold an equivalent rating from a recognized agency.
  • Logged no less than 40 open water dives totaling 25 hours or more.
  • Have completed the following Specialty Courses or provide proof of experience by showing a minimum 5 logged dives in the following Specialty areas: Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility Diving, Deep Diving and Search and Recovery. The proof can be signed and stamped by an active SSI Instructor.
  • Be certified in Diver Stress and Rescue or equivalent.

General Dive Professional Prerequisites and Active Status Requirements:

SSI Dive Professionals and Instructors must fullfill the following prerequisites for all Dive Professional Programs:

  • Own a Total Diving System of Professional Type and Quality
  • Maintain a current medical exam for scuba diving not older than 2 years and signed by a licensed medical practitioner.
  • Maintain proof of current training in First Aid/CPR not older than 2 years.
  • Maintain proof of being competent in emergency administration of oxygen. This shall include knowledge of the medical principles involved and practical use of an emergency oxygen unit not older than 2 years.